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Taliban captures several districts in Afghanistan

Najarbandi: The Taliban presently control around 33% of every one of the 421 regions and area focuses in Afghanistan.

The Taliban's walk through northern Afghanistan acquired energy short-term with the catch of a few locale from escaping Afghan powers, a few hundred of whom escaped across the boundary into Tajikistan, authorities said Sunday.

In excess of 300 Afghan military staff crossed from Afghanistan's Badakhshan area as Taliban warriors progressed toward the line, Tajikistan's State Committee for National Security said in an articulation. The Afghan soldiers got over at about 6:30 p.m. neighborhood time Saturday

"Directed by the standards of humanism and great neighborliness," the Tajik specialists permitted the withdrawing Afghan National Defense and Security Forces to cross into Tajikistan, said the articulation

Since mid-April, when U.S. President Joe Biden reported the finish to Afghanistan's "eternity war," the Taliban have gained ground all through the country. Be that as it may, their most critical additions have been in the northern portion of the country, a conventional fortress of the U.S.- unified warlords who aided loss them in 2001.

The Taliban presently control around 33% of each of the 421 regions and area focuses in Afghanistan.

The additions in northeastern Badakhshan region lately have for the most part gone to the guerilla development without a battle, said Mohib-ul Rahman, a commonplace chamber part. He pinned Taliban triumphs on the helpless spirit of troops who are for the most part dwarfed and without resupplies.

"Sadly, most of the areas were left to Taliban with no battle," said Rahman. Over the most recent three days, 10 locale tumbled to Taliban, eight without a battle, he said.

Many Afghan armed force, police and insight troops gave up their tactical stations and escaped to the Badakhshan common capital of Faizabad, said Rahman.

Indeed, even as a security meeting was being held early Sunday to plot the reinforcing of the edge around the capital, some senior common authorities were leaving Faizabad for the capital Kabul, he said.

In late June the Afghan government restored volunteer armies with a standing of fierce brutality to help the ambushed Afghan powers yet Rahman said large numbers of the civilian armies in the Badakhshan areas set up just an apathetic battle.

The regions under Taliban control in the north are progressively essential, running along Afghanistan's boundary with focal Asian states. Last month the strict development assumed responsibility for Imam Sahib, a town in Kunduz region inverse Uzbekistan and dealt with a key shipping lane.

The advances in Badakhshan are especially critical as it is the home area of previous President Burhanuddin Rabbani, who was killed by a self destruction aircraft in 2011. His child, Salahuddin Rabbani, is important for the current High Council for National Reconciliation. The killed previous president likewise drove Afghanistan's Jamiat-e-Islami, which was the gathering of popular enemy of Taliban contender Ahmad Shah Massoud, killed by a self destruction plane two days before the 9/11 assaults in America.

The Interior Ministry gave an assertion on Saturday saying the losses were impermanent despite the fact that it was not satisfactory how they would recapture control.

Taliban representative Zabihullah Mujahid affirmed the fall of the areas and said most were without a battle. The Taliban in past gives up have shown video of Afghan fighters taking transportation cash and getting back to their homes.


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